Artist’s Statement

I live to create.

drawingFrom boyhood on, I was always scribbling.

By second grade, I was drawing sketches of my teacher while she was at the chalkboard. It was her movement that fascinated me. When we are alive, we are never standing still.

I draw every day of my life.

Drawing is the beginning of all art. The beauty of the human form awes me. I cannot imagine a more perfect design.

The art that I create reminds me how beautiful and wonderful life is. I do not try to create an ideal or copy with mechanical accuracy but to expose the harmonies of form that reveal the body’s perfect design.

Harmony in life is everything.

I try to capture that one fleeting moment when a person is revealed, when one is overwhelmed with the gladness of being. I believe our moments of greatest joy are associated with some form of beauty, harmony, rhythm, truth, and order.

Sculpture presents an incredible challenge: It is like trying to accomplish 1,000 successful drawings of the same subject.

I try to create my sculpture with neither a front nor a back; I want it to be viewed from all angles.

For me, art is a sacred refuge, a calming place.

Work is a haven for me, and I want my artwork to enable the viewer to create a sanctuary at home. I want my work to remind the observer of the possibilities of life.

I earned my degree from the Colorado Institute of Art.

Since then, I have taken numerous workshops and studied at life drawing sessions three or more times per week.

I have worked in various media including graphite, Conté, oils, watercolor and now oil-based clay/bronze.